I had some extractions done and Dr. Kell and his staff did a great job in making me feel comfortable and explaining thoroughly the entire process including my home care after the procedure. I had no worries or issues. I would recommend them to everyone. ~ Rick Breezee   

Just wanted to follow up on my last appointment. I didn't have a chance at the office to check out my new fillings - but when I got home - WOW! What a beautiful job, Dr. Kell!

You know how I feel about my front teeth, and the new fillings were undetectable!!! You truly are a master of the dental arts! ~ Judy Z.

Thank you Dr. Kell and staff. I was thoroughly pleased with the professional team, the high tech dental equipment and the art work you did on my choppers. I am smiling big and often. ~ Doug Jackson

Dr. Kell and his team provide an excellent experience for patients. I'm happy to have found a solid dentist I trust in Hudson. They made me a custom mouth guard to protect my teeth from the clenching and grinding I do when I sleep. So impressed with how comfortable it is to wear! ~ Hannah Jackson Hogberg

Dr Kell and his team are friendly and fun. The office has the latest technology and Dr. Kell is always learning new procedures. I have been going to Kell Dental Arts for 15 years and I would not go anywhere else! ~ Cassandra George Mohwinkel

Great people. Extremely competent people. Dr Kell is constantly moving his practice forward. I have been a patient for 16 years and would never go anywhere else. ~ Jon Cumpton

Dr. David Kell and his team deliver an amazing Dental experience! Professional staff and an amazing doctor (who could also be a comedian) with a revolutionary process. I highly recommend Kell Dental Arts for all of your dental needs. ~ Jeremy John Grant Tyler 

Always friendly and very helpful in making plans for my family's teeth care! ~ Tricia Anderson 

Dr. Kell is by far the best dentist I’ve had and all the staff at the office are wonderful! � I definitely recommend to all! ~ Erica Mishek 

I went to Kell Dental Arts for a second opinion on what I needed for my dental plan. Dr. Kell is very detailed in communication when discussing options. The staff was very nice, I did not feel pressure to act right away on any recommendations, I have found my new Dentist! If you are nervous about going to the dentist, try Kell Dental Arts for an easy relaxing experience. ~ Daniel Olson

The entire Kell Dental Arts team is by far the best dental experience my family has ever had! The knowledge and skill of Dr. David Kell is at the forefront of dental practices, making any service you receive top notch. I have recommended him to friends and family and they also are exceptionally pleased with their care; the entire staff earns the trust of adults and more importantly children. ~ Roxanne Loritz Hable

So decided to bring my 2yr old to the dentist for the first time and drove in to see Dr.Kell in the snow. Drove there just to figure out his insurance was not available. On the way out they said since we drove all the way there he would just see him anyways. Thank you so much for letting him experience his first dental appointment ever with you. He did great and his teeth are clean. Thank you all the amazing staff at Kell Dental arts your amazing. ~ Jennifer Deckard 

As someone who has had very bad experiences with dentist was hesitant, but everyone was very good at their job, and very friendly. Made it the best experience I've had with dentists. ~ Tyler King

I visited Dr Kell for XRAYS and a cleaning on 7/19/12. I was very happy that he explained what he saw in those XRAYS and how he could help with the potential problems that I might incur over the years. The staff and Dr Kell were very pleasant which made my trip to the DENTIST very relaxing. I will continue to refer my family and friends to Dr Kell!!!!!!!!!! ~ Keith Anderson

Dr. Kell is very easy to talk to. The atmosphere of the clinic is very natural and nice and the staff is also great. In the past, the dentist was always my least favorite place to go. Now, I no longer need the gas to relax me as the clinic is very calming to begin with. Love it there!!

Dr. David Kell is one of the easiest and most caring dentist I've ever had the chance to be around and work with. Thanks Dr. Dave.



Tammy’s bite was completely out of alignment; her teeth didn’t fit together. When she bit down, only her last molar on the left side touched the tooth beneath it. To get her teeth to touch when her mouth was closed, she had to slide her jaw forward. This moved the joints out of position and as a result she had chronic jaw muscle pain. Dr. Kell treated her with an anatomical splint for three months. She experienced immediate pain relief.

“I want to express how grateful I am for my splint! I have to say I was a little resistant to do it, but it has helped me so much! I had a lot of muscle/joint pain in my jaw from clenching and grinding my teeth at night. My bite was off and I didn’t even know it. I have been wearing my splint at night for a few months and am shocked at how much more relaxed my jaw is. My bite has shifted back to where it is supposed to be! Thank you so much!”
- Tammy Schwartz

As a teenager, Julie had a canine tooth removed. That simple change altered her bite and led to multiple problems. Julie suffered from severe chronic headaches, jaw muscle pain and constant debilitating face pain – all a result of her uneven bite. Dr. Kell recommended that she begin treatment with splint therapy. Julie immediately felt relief and was able to go for days without headaches. She could sleep through the night and wake up in the morning pain-free. After four months of wearing the splint, Dr. Kell performed a full mouth equilibration (measures/determines the position of the jaw and bite) and placed crowns on her upper teeth to balance her bite.

“Dr. Kell was the first dentist to take the time to listen to my story and figure out the cause of the problem. He gave me as much time as I needed at each appointment, and even between appointments! I had never realized that much of my headaches were coming from my teeth and bite. Dr. Kell was able to help with my pain and envision how my teeth could appear beautiful and functional”
- Julie Muliken

To enhance Myron’s smile, Dr. Kell placed four crowns and reshaped some of his teeth. He was then given a home whitening kit with custom trays. In only 10 days, his smile was the healthy white he had wanted.

“I don’t smile often, but I know that my smile is better than before thanks to Dr. Kell’s Team”
- Myron Nelson

Afton was unhappy with the shape of her upper teeth. Some were worn and looked broken and others were too pointy. The teeth were different lengths and were crooked as well. Dr. Kell started treatment with splint therapy for muscle pain that she was experiencing. He then did minor orthodontic treatment with clear, removable aligners. The total treatment only took three aligners. Finally, Dr. Kell reshaped Afton's teeth and added composite bonding to two teeth.

“We did so many things to my teeth and yet it all seemed so simple. My smile is more natural and I experienced no pain throughout the treatment.”
- Afton

This patient came to Dr. Kell with stained and discolored teeth. She wanted a whiter smile. Dr. Kell created a take home whitening kit with custom-fit trays just for her. Only 10 days later, she had a brighter, whiter, more radiant smile.

“I love my white teeth, Dr. Kell made achieving my beautiful smile simple and pain-free!"
- V. Wheeler

When Bonnie first came to see Dr. Kell, she had missing upper teeth. She had been using a partial denture to replace the missing teeth, but it wasn't an ideal solution. Dr. Kell recommended that she have a full upper denture to replace her teeth, restore comfort and give her confidence.

"I have a beautiful natural smile thanks to Dr. Kell and his team. They helped me be proud of my smile."

Matt had missing teeth as well as a limited budget. To help him get his smile back, Dr. Kell created a temporary acrylic bridge for Matt that met both his dental health as well as financial needs.

When Lee first came to see Dr. Kell, he didn't smile and had a mouth full of failing restorations. Many of his teeth were breaking or wearing down and his gum line was not symmetrical. To restore his mouth to health, function and an attractive appearance, Dr. Kell placed a full mouth of crowns and bridges. These restorations were built to balance Lee's jaw position and allow his teeth to be restored to the proper length. The entire treatment took one year from start to finish, which allowed Lee to comfortably afford the care; but it didn't take a year to look fantastic. On the first full day of treatment, Dr. Kell prepared his entire mouth and placed temporaries of the new length and shape on his teeth. Lee left that day with a smile that looked completely finished.

"Kell Dental Arts is a terrific professional team! It is a cheerful and welcoming place. I have so much respect for the skill of the entire staff. I had major work done and the results are fantastic. I would heartily recommend Kell Dental to anyone whoe needs dental work, maintenance, or even just a check up and a smile. Best I've ever been to"
- Lee