Teeth Crowning Service

Our goal is to deliver advanced dental solutions that improve smiles, boost confidence, and save you time. CEREC technology allows us to custom-mill beautiful dental restorations in a single office visit. If you have a tooth compromised by decay, damage, or disease; Dr. Kell can restore health and beauty with a custom crown or partial crown, created in our Hudson dental office. You won’t have to wear a temporary or even wait weeks for your permanent restoration. Instead, you’ll regain oral comfort, function, and appearance in a single appointment.

Advantages of CEREC (One Visit) Crowns

  • NO Impressions are taken at appointments
  • Custom crowns are produced in a single visit
  • Patients aren’t forced to wear a temporary
  • CEREC crowns do not contain any metal
  • Results are aesthetically pleasing
  • CEREC technology can also be used for fillings
  • Restoration is bonded, rather than cemented
  • Less drilling than with a traditional crown
  • More natural tooth structure is preserved
  • Minimal time commitment

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